If you are interested in Asian cultures, the customs, or culinary experiences, you are invited to join the Asian American Club during any of our regular meetings. Meetings are held at Bridgeport Recreation Center and scheduled on the 4th Monday of each month .

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Membership fee is $10 per person for the year September 1st to August 31st.
Membership, as of December 31, 2018, is 176 members.

Many members belong to the Asian American Club and country-specific clubs:

a.     Saigon Forever Young  at

b.     Filipino American Club

c.     Korean American Club

d.     Indo American Club

e.     Chinese and Asian Dance Performances at

f.     Chinese Culture & Dance at OR

Facebook at

Membership includes Villagers from:

a.     China

b.     India

c.     Indonesia

d.     Japan

e.     Korea

f.      Philippines

g.     Singapore

h.     Taiwan

i.      Tibet

j.      Vietnam

k.     United States

l.      Other non-Asian countries