Asian American Club Important Changes

Asian American Club Members and non-members/guests:

Some changes in January that you need to be aware:

1.  The New Meeting place will be at La Hacienda on the 4th Thursday of each month.

2.  Changes in the meal charge effective in January
    At the November meeting, 30 individuals did not show up out of 120 reservations.  What this meant was a significant cost to the club. To give you an idea of the issue, the meal cost was $1,500 and entertainment was $75. Basically $16 per person. If everyone we expected showed up it would have been closer to $12 per person, what we strive for at each meeting,  The individual meal charges brought in $510, slightly more than $5 per person.
    We do some fundraising with the Lunar New Year and now the Asian Tour, and using these funds along with member dues are what we use to supplement member meals, This is of course due to your participation as volunteers to the events.  This is great, but it is not enough to support meal costs to the extent of November.
    So, effective as of January 1:
         Member reservations made on time will be $8 payable at the door, Please continue to email your reservations. Cancellations made before the meal order is placed will be recognized. Members with Minor children (under 21) as guests will pay the $8.   Members with no or late reservation will be $12 at the door.
         Non-members and guests must prepay with a check made out to the Asian American Club and mailed or dropped off to Robert Trask, 602 Maybank Loop, The Villages, Fl. 32162 The charge will be $12 per person.  Guests and non-members without reservations will pay $15 at the door if enough food is available.
       We will take in membership applications at the meeting, but the initial meeting cost will be at the guest rate. of $12 with reservations and $15 without.

We are concerned about these changes and would like any suggestions you may have. There will be time on December 14 to discuss this issue.

We would like to continue bringing you authentic Asian foods to each meeting, great education, and discussion about the various Asian countries, and quality entertainment


Please review our website at for more information about your club.  Comments are appreciated.

Bob Trask, President, Asian American Club
602 Maybank Loop, The Villages, Fl 32162
email:  [email protected]

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